Good Hotel London
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You’ve made the right decision to visit London, whether for a holiday or work! London is an iconic city with a rich history and many captivating scenes. Thanks to its magnificent architecture and floating hotels, it provides enriching holidays to visitors. Also, the town has many accommodation options with unique features, although you may find the Good Hotel London more captivating.

The Good Hotel London is a modern, luxurious floating hotel at the Royal Victoria Dock. It boasts 148 well-equipped rooms, a restaurant, communal conference areas, and a beautiful rooftop bar where guests enjoy as they watch the impressive London skyline. This fantastic hotel is a social business that donates profits to communities and vulnerable people worldwide.

This guide discusses the top seven reasons you shouldn’t hesitate to book a stay with this reputable hotel. Check them out to make a well-informed decision.

1. Great Facilities

The Good Hotel London offers plenty of excellent facilities to everyone. First, the hotel has a highly functional lift that facilitates movement to the upper floors or the rooftop. The doors are automatic, and people in wheelchairs get assisted at the entrance. Here are other facilities that make the hotel a worthwhile accommodation option:

  • Modern bathroom facilities which include an emergency call system, shower seating baths, and a separate bathing unit
  • Large parking area at the entrance area
  • Excellent communication facilities, which include an alarm system, information touch screens, and a visual alarm system for people using sign language
  • General facilities like Wi-Fi, ironing service, and luggage storage
  • Well-equipped bedrooms with air conditioning systems and central heating units
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services

2. Amazing Views

The Good Hotel London not only offers incredible indoor services but also allows attractive views. During your stay in this hotel, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful outside views, encouraging you to stay outdoors for longer. The hotel is floating, so the guests enjoy great waterfront views through windows. The rooftop terrace offers incredible views of the waterfront and the entire city of London.

You can enjoy unparalleled views of the River Thames and the thriving urban hub of Canary Wharf. The Good Hotel London is an excellent option if you need a place to stay as you also unwind and explore the incredible city views!

3. Easy to Access

You can easily get to The Good Hotel London from the city of London. The hotel is only 6.2 miles from the London City Airport, and many ways exist! For instance, you can get there by car, taxi, bus or train. You can even walk if you don’t have heavy luggage as you interact with the locals and explore more in the city. The hotel’s perfect location makes it an incredible option for those who might need to run regular errands to town since they don’t spend much or waste time on the roads.

4. Local Attractions

You don’t have to get stuck in your hotel room at the Good Hotel London, as there are plenty of activities nearby. The hotel’s central location in London makes it easier to view many things and even do a lot without making many movements. There are plenty of nearby tourist attractions that you can enjoy to make the best of your London trip.

For instance, you can participate in kitesurfing and windsurfing, balloon rides, and any other water activities you may be interested in. You can also visit the Greenwich Peninsula, one of the world’s most popular entertainment areas. If you are unsure what to do, the hotel team can give you options to help you pick.

5. Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is top-notch at the Good Hotel London. The hotel’s philosophy is to offer premium hospitality without compromising quality and deliver as expected. As a social business, the hotel hires well-determined people and trains them well. Ongoing training sessions are also made to help them stay on par with hospitality standards.

The team is welcoming and offers handy help when needed. Whether you need to enquire about something, book, or request a service, your needs will be met quickly, professionally, and respectfully.