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The way cereal sales have grown over the last couple of decades is fascinating. According to Statista, the value of the cereal market will reach US$80.6 billion in 2024. The annual growth rate is estimated to reach 3.4% for the period 2024–2028. These numbers present a huge opportunity for brands selling cereal. Since packaging is the first interaction with buyers, brands must focus on cereal boxes to engage them.

Custom cereal boxes are special boxes built around a brand’s image, product specifications, and target market. These boxes play a key role in influencing buyers and molding their behavior. Let’s learn how you can use custom packaging for cereal boxes to boost sales.

How Do Different Attributes of a Custom Cereal Box Impact Consumer Behavior?

In the modern era, packaging is more than a box for your product. It is like the salesperson who speaks without saying a single word. The right custom cereal packaging holds enough power to make your brand stand out and build a brand image without spending too much on costly marketing channels such as TV, social media, and press. 


Around 70% of the shoppers say that their decision is impacted by the box’s color. Colors play a vital role in consumer engagement. The various colors used for cereal boxes, along with their effect on shoppers’ psychology, are listed below.

  • White – white gives a cool and refreshing look to the box.
  • Black – it displays power, stability, and might.
  • Yellow – the color of sunshine, showing warmth and happiness. Dull and creamy shades are often used on cereal boxes.
  • Orange – a vibrant and tropical option, is best for giving a fun look to the cereal box. 
  • Green – the color of nature, is ideal forcereals with natural flavors.
  • Brown – it paints nature and earth; brown can make your cereal box stand out as it implies originality and nature. 
  • A blend of different colors – Many brands rely on using a mix of different colors to create a lively and attractive look. However, it is best to use colors that match your brand’s overall marketing campaign.  


The next big thing that makes buyers notice a cereal on shelves or online is the font outlook. The font design, size, spacing, and alignment can instantly shift a buyer’s decision in your favor. The goal here is to create a design that is clean, isn’t too complex, and is easy to read. Another thing worth saying about fonts is the cereal’s target market. If your product is targeting children, fun and playful fonts are best. For adults, sober and chic fonts can do the trick. 


Cereal is extremely popular among health-conscious buyers. Many people prefer nutritional benefits over taste when buying cereals. Hence, it is important to display information citing nutritional benefits and ingredients. You can either put this on the back of the box or include the benefits in the artwork. Custom cereal boxes allow brands to engage consumers by putting maximum information on the box. Apart from benefits and ingredients, brands can also print sourcing methods, their efforts towards society, and sustainable business practices. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

When talking about sustainability in the cereal industry, one cannot ignore the importance of eco-friendly packaging. Around 65% of Americans prefer buying from brands that are sustainable and don’t impact the environment. One way you can appeal to this segment is by using green packaging. Custom cereal boxes can be made from eco-friendly Kraft stock. It is made from wood pulp, which is 100% eco-friendly and doesn’t leave a carbon footprint. 

Packaging Quality

A bag of cereal usually lasts for 1-2 weeks for an average American family. The packaging must be strong enough to withstand this period. It must not easily fold or break during use. Low-quality packaging that tears easily creates a bad impression. It can lead to bad word-of-mouth, and the buyers will not buy again. 

Children’s Psychology and The Power of Custom Cereal Boxes

Adults look straight ahead when shopping, but the little shoppers look down at an angle of 9.6 degrees. This is the reason brands prefer placing children’s cereals at lower levels. However, this tactic is in vain if the box fails to attract the kids. To do this, you need to come up with designs that are kid-friendly. Famous cartoon characters, fascinating animals, playful fonts, and graphics are superb ideas for creating cereal boxes for children.

The brands also need to focus on the parents’ aspect. They won’t let their kids buy a cereal that only has a flashy packaging. The brands must provide information about ingredients and how healthy their cereal can be for kids. Another interesting way to persuade parents to buy cereal for kids is to print puzzles, games, or educational information on the box.

Moreover, many children cut cereal boxes to get cartoon characters on the box. They also use these boxes for different DIY projects. So taking care of all these factors while designing custom cereal boxes can help you wow your little shoppers.

Custom Cereal Boxes and Customer Retention

According to research, 80% of thebuyers favor buying a product again if they like the packaging. This is especially true for online customers. Online shoppers pay a lot of attention to how they receive the product. A custom printed boxes can elevate their experience. Moreover, cereals are usually kept in boxes until they last. If the box is not sturdy enough, this will not create a good impression.

Wrapping Up

The role of packaging in the cereal industry is not declining anytime soon. Brands keep coming up with innovative ideas and designs to engage customers. It is high time that you up your packaging game too.

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