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Renowned for its careful attention to detail in ramen preparation, the Kyuramen restaurant chain showcases the rich culinary traditions of Japan. Kyuramen is an initiative by a ramen fanatic who spent a lot of time in Japan perfecting the art of ramen making to bring this traditional Japanese dish to a wider audience. The restaurant serves a range of ramen styles, such as the delicious Hokkaido Miso, the savory Tokyo Shouyu, and the creamy and rich Kyushu Shio. Every bowl of ramen showcases their unwavering commitment, with its painstakingly made broth, premium ingredients, and al dente noodles. The broth, which is often said to be the heart of ramen, is made to be rich, aromatic, and fresh; it goes wonderfully with the delicate chashu pork, which is cooked to perfection in order to attain the right texture and taste. Kyuramen goes above and beyond with their dedication to quality food by also providing a rewarding customer loyalty program through their app. Regular diners can earn points and cashback. Kyuramen is consistently reaching more people with its authentic Japanese ramen, thanks to its expanding presence and more than 120 locations.

The Essence of Kyuramen

Standing tall as a symbol of genuine Japanese ramen, Kyuramen embodies the dish’s storied history and painstaking handiwork. Beyond the bowl, the brand is known for providing outstanding dining experiences. Let’s find out what sets Kyuramen apart from other ramen dishes.

Founding Vision

Kyuramen was started by an enthusiastic ramen fan who became deeply involved in the ramen culture of Japan. Foundational to Kyuramen’s ethos is the founder’s quest to become a ramen master in Japan. From the menu to the decor, this commitment to genuine, high-quality ingredients is apparent throughout the restaurant.

Signature Ramen Styles

At Kyuramen, you can choose from a wide variety of ramen styles, each with its own special blend of ingredients and flavor. If you’re a fan of ramen, you must try these three varieties:

Kyushu Shio: Kyushu Shio ramen is a popular choice for individuals who enjoy a savory and creamy soup due to its rich and milky broth. The flavors in the broth are carefully balanced through careful preparation.

Tokyo Shouyu: The flavorful and light soy broth is the star of this savory ramen style. For those who prefer more traditional ramen dishes, the Tokyo Shouyu is a great option.

Hokkaido Miso: The miso-infused broth is what makes Hokkaido Miso ramen stand out; it’s a robust and hearty option. If you’re looking for something with a lot of umami, this is the way to go.

Craftsmanship in Preparation

The meticulous planning that goes into Kyuramen shows how seriously it takes quality. The broth is made with great care to guarantee that it is thick, aromatic, and made from fresh ingredients; it is often said to be the essence of ramen. The rich and flavorful base of each batch of broth is achieved by letting it simmer for hours to extract the essence of the ingredients.

High-Quality Ingredients

Kyuramen is known for its use of premium ingredients. We take great care in selecting each ingredient, from the noodles to the toppings, so that you can enjoy your meal to the fullest. Every bowl is elevated by the chashu pork, which is made with great care to attain the ideal texture and flavor.

Customer Loyalty Program

In addition to its dedication to providing first-rate cuisine, Kyuramen shows its appreciation for its patrons through a generous loyalty program. Regular customers can earn points and cash back through the Kyuramen app, which will keep them coming back for more. The dedication of Kyuramen to establishing long-term relationships with its patrons is demonstrated by this program.

Exploring Kyuramen’s Ramen Varieties

The extensive and varied menu at Kyuramen showcases the richness and variety of Japanese ramen. Offering something for every taste, each variety is made with a special combination of ingredients and techniques. Let’s take a look at the main ramen styles that have contributed to Kyuramen’s popularity.

Kyushu Shio Ramen

The distinctive characteristic of Kyushu Shio ramen is its exceptionally rich and creamy broth. The pork bones are cooked for hours in a covered pot to release their natural flavors, creating a savory and milky broth. The noodles are cooked to perfection so they soak up the broth, and a soft-boiled egg, green onions, and tender chashu pork are common toppings.

Tokyo Shouyu Ramen

The soy-based broth in Tokyo Shouyu ramen is delicate and flavorful without being heavy. This ramen style has been a favorite for many years because it is traditional and delicious. Simmering chicken bones and veggies in soy sauce makes for a flavorful broth with a hint of sourness and acidity. Seaweed (nori), sesame seeds, bamboo shoots, chashu pork slices, and other toppings are the norm.

Hokkaido Miso Ramen

For individuals who appreciate a rich, umami-packed flavor, there is the robust and hearty Hokkaido Miso ramen. A unique savory flavor is imparted to the broth by means of miso paste. Corn, butter, and ground pork are common components of this type of ramen, and they contribute to the broth’s richness. The noodles have a heartier, chewier texture that goes well with the robust broth flavors.

Seasonal Specials

Kyuramen not only serves their signature ramen styles, but they also have seasonal specials that highlight the chefs’ inventiveness and skill in the kitchen. Crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients, these limited-time offerings offer diners an exciting and one-of-a-kind experience every time they visit. The varied flavors of Japanese cuisine are showcased by the seasonal specials, which frequently take inspiration from various regions of Japan.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

The increasing number of vegetarian and vegan ramen dishes at Kyuramen is a direct result of the restaurant’s awareness of this trend. A variety of fresh veggies, tofu, and plant-based proteins are featured in these options, which are based on vegetable broths. Everyone can enjoy a satisfying and flavorful meal at Kyuramen, even those who don’t eat meat. The vegetarian and vegan ramen are made with the same quality and care as the traditional ones.

The Kyuramen Experience

At Kyuramen, eating ramen isn’t just about satisfying your hunger; it’s an immersive experience. The restaurant exudes an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, typical of Japan, the moment you walk through the door. Come with me as I investigate what it is about Kyuramen that makes eating there so special.

Ambiance and Decor

All of Kyuramen’s eateries aim to provide customers with a warm and genuine dining experience. Wooden furniture, paper lanterns, and bamboo accents are commonplace in Japanese interior design. The tranquil ambiance, complete with low lighting and soothing music, makes for an ideal setting for a leisurely dinner with loved ones.

Interactive Dining

The interactive nature of the meal is one of the unique aspects of dining at Kyuramen. You can see the chefs’ meticulous hand in making the ramen at many of these restaurants’ open kitchens. With this level of openness, customers can see the care and attention that goes into making their ramen.

Exceptional Service

Kyuramen takes great delight in satisfying its clients with first-rate service. To make sure that every customer feels like they’re part of the family, the staff is educated and trained to be very attentive. No matter if you’re a regular or just dropping by, the staff at Kyuramen is committed to ensuring that your meal is one to remember.

Community Engagement

Kyuramen is likewise devoted to participating in local communities. Ramen tastings and cooking demonstrations are some of the ways the restaurant gets involved in the community. Customers feel more connected to the Kyuramen brand and are more likely to become loyal patrons as a result of the company’s active participation in the local community.

Culinary Workshops

Kyuramen hosts cooking classes for people who want to master the craft of ramen. You can learn all about the ingredients and methods used to make the best bowl of ramen in these practical classes. Learn the ins and outs of Japanese cuisine from seasoned chefs and develop a taste for the rich history of Japanese cuisine.

Kyuramen’s Commitment to Quality

The steadfast dedication to quality is the driving force behind Kyuramen’s success. This commitment to perfection is evident in every facet of the dining experience, from the ingredients to the methods of preparation. What makes Kyuramen so well-known for its high-quality products? Let’s find out.

Sourcing Ingredients

Obtaining only the finest ingredients is a top priority for Kyuramen. To make sure that their ramen is up to par, the restaurant only uses ingredients from reliable suppliers. For the chashu, this means choosing only the best pork cuts, as well as fresh veggies and premium noodles. The flavor and consistency of every bowl of ramen reflects the care that went into choosing the ingredients.

Broth Preparation

Kyuramen puts a lot of thought into making the broth, which is often thought of as the most important part of ramen. To achieve this flavorful result, bones, veggies, and other ingredients are simmered for a few hours. The thick, aromatic, and flavorful broth is achieved by cooking it slowly. Kyuramen’s broths are expertly made to harmonize with the noodles and toppings, resulting in a delightful and fulfilling meal.

Noodle Quality

Kyuramen uses only the finest noodles in their ramen, since they are an essential component of the dish. The chewiness and firmness of the noodles are expertly balanced thanks to traditional methods of production. Whatever your preference may be—thin, straight noodles or thicker, wavy—Kyuramen has noodles that will complement any ramen dish.

Rigorous Testing

Every dish goes through extensive testing and refinement before it’s added to the menu. In order to maintain their high standards, the chefs at Kyuramen are always trying new things in the kitchen. A big reason why Kyuramen can make consistently great ramen is because they are committed to always getting better.

Customer Feedback

Kyuramen takes consumer comments seriously and uses them to fine-tune their services. Diners are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions so the restaurant can learn about their tastes and find ways to improve. In keeping with its long-standing tradition of excellence, Kyuramen maintains its responsiveness to its patrons’ needs and expectations through this customer-centric approach.


What makes Kyuramen ramen unique?

Kyuramen ramen is unique due to its meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality ingredients, and authentic preparation methods. Each bowl is a reflection of traditional Japanese culinary techniques, resulting in a rich and flavorful dining experience.

How many Kyuramen locations are there?

Kyuramen has over 120 locations and continues to expand its presence, bringing the authentic taste of Japanese ramen to a wider audience.

What are the different ramen styles offered by Kyuramen?

Kyuramen offers a variety of ramen styles, including Kyushu Shio, Tokyo Shouyu, and Hokkaido Miso. Each style features a unique broth and set of ingredients, catering to diverse tastes.

How to join the Kyuramen loyalty program?

Joining the Kyuramen loyalty program is easy. Simply download the Kyuramen app, register your details, and start earning points and cashback with every purchase.

What is the Kyuramen app used for?

The Kyuramen app is used for managing the loyalty program, making reservations, and accessing exclusive promotions and offers. It enhances the overall dining experience by providing a convenient way to engage with the restaurant.


At Kyuramen, you’ll experience Japanese cuisine like never before, with flavors and aromas that will transport you to a world beyond your own. Whether you’re a ramen expert or just trying it for the first time, Kyuramen provides a memorable dining experience. Thanks to its extensive menu and unwavering dedication to quality, Kyuramen remains the go-to spot for true Japanese ramen, drawing in diners from all over the world.