Jerk N Go Merrillville
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Located in Jerk N Go Merrillville is a popular Jamaican eatery that has won over both residents and tourists since it first opened in 2015. The menu at this hidden gem serves up a variety of Jamaican classics, and the dishes are known for their bold and vibrant flavors and generous portions. From its delicious food to its welcoming ambiance and beyond, this article will delve into all the things that make Jerk N Go a unique restaurant.

What Is Jerk N Go?

A Taste of Jamaica in Merrillville

Merrillville now has access to Jamaica’s storied culinary heritage thanks to Jerk N Go, which serves some of the island’s most famous dishes. Every dish, from curry goat to jerk chicken, is made with real Jamaican spices and techniques, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind eating experience.

Signature Dishes

Jerk N Go’s jerk chicken is a main attraction. Spicy, smoky, and savory—those are the qualities that make this dish so popular. If you’re craving traditional Caribbean cuisine, this restaurant is a haven. They serve oxtails, curry goat, and a variety of sides like plantains, sweet yams, and rice, among other popular Jamaican dishes.

A Casual and Inviting Atmosphere

Both dine-in and takeout customers will feel at home in the relaxed yet inviting atmosphere of Jerk N Go. Jerk N Go serves a variety of cuisines and is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re planning to sit down for a leisurely dinner or are in a rush.

Community Favorite

The Merrillville community has grown to rely on Jerk N Go since its establishment. A dedicated customer base that keeps growing has been earned by consistently delivering high-quality food and an unforgettable dining experience.

Exploring the Menu

Delectable Jerk Chicken

Perfectly Spiced and Cooked

The jerk chicken at Jerk N Go is the main attraction. Grilled to juicy perfection, this chicken is seasoned with a mixture of herbs and spices, including allspice, thyme, and Scotch bonnet peppers. The end product is a fragrant and flavorful dish that strikes the ideal balance between spicy and savory.

Accompaniments to Enhance the Experience

Jerk N Go provides a wide selection of sides to go along with their jerk chicken, making for a more satisfying meal. Plantains, sweet yams, and rice are popular options because they each bring something special to the table.

Curry Goat and Oxtails

Rich and Flavorful

Try the curry goat or oxtails at Jerk N Go if you’re wanting to branch out from jerk chicken. Both dishes are spiced with a blend that imparts a robust and flavorful profile, and cooked slowly until they are tender to perfection. The addition of rice and peas to these dishes makes them a full-course dinner.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Diverse and Delicious

Vegetarians and vegans can find options for their meals at Jerk N Go as well. Vegan alternatives to traditional Jamaican sides and vegetarian stew make Jamaican flavors accessible to all.

Sweet Endings

Delightful Desserts

Trying one of Jerk N Go’s delicious desserts is an essential part of any meal there. A selection of delectable desserts, such as coconut drops and sweet potato pudding, are available to round out a delicious dinner.

The Dining Experience

Casual and Comfortable

A Welcoming Ambiance

Diners are invited to feel at home in the inviting atmosphere of Jerk N Go. Customers can unwind and savor their meals in the casual setting, which is ideal for both fast lunches and leisurely dinners.

Family-Friendly Environment

As a family-friendly restaurant, Jerk N Go takes great pride in its reputation. The restaurant is perfect for family get-togethers thanks to its age-inclusive menu and cozy seating areas.

Dine-In and Takeout Options

Convenience at Its Best

You can eat at Jerk N Go or take it to go, depending on your preference. You can savor your favorite Jamaican dishes wherever you are thanks to the efficient takeout service, or you can dine in and enjoy them in a warm and inviting setting.

Limited-Time Offers and Events

Karaoke Nights and More

Karaoke nights and other special events are a regular occurrence at Jerk N Go, making for a more entertaining dining experience overall. The chance to enjoy delicious food and entertaining entertainment makes these events very popular with attendees.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

High Praise for Flavor and Quality

Consistent Positive Reviews

The delicious and high-quality food at Jerk N Go is well-known. The restaurant’s authentic Jamaican flavor, tasty sides, and jerk chicken have won over many customers.

Constructive Feedback

Although the food is highly regarded, some customers have complained about the slow service during busy periods. Furthermore, there have been rare instances of inaccurate portion sizes and incorrectly placed orders. The good dining experience usually makes up for these little disappointments.

Customer Loyalty

Jerk N Go’s dedication to providing excellent service and food is evident in the restaurant’s dedicated customer base. The friendly service and delicious food keep customers coming back.

Jerk N Go’s Commitment to Quality

Fresh Ingredients and Authentic Recipes

Quality Ingredients

The chefs at Jerk N Go are serious about only using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients in their recipes. Customers are guaranteed a satisfying and flavorful meal because of this dedication to quality, which is apparent in every bite.

Authentic Jamaican Recipes

Authentic Jamaican recipes form the backbone of the restaurant’s menu, honoring the island’s rich culinary heritage. Jerk N Go is unique in its commitment to authenticity, which ensures that customers will have a real meal.

Attention to Detail

Every step of the process, from seasoning the meat to making the sides, is executed with the utmost care at Jerk N Go. This way, you can be sure that every dish is cooked to order and up to the usual high quality that our customers have grown to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best dish at Jerk N Go Merrillville? 

The best dish at Jerk N Go Merrillville is widely considered to be the jerk chicken. This dish is celebrated for its perfectly balanced spicy, smoky, and savory flavors, making it a standout item on the menu.

How is the service at Jerk N Go Merrillville? 

The service at Jerk N Go Merrillville is generally good, although some customers have noted that it can be slow during peak times. The staff is friendly and attentive, contributing to a positive dining experience.

What are the hours for Jerk N Go in Merrillville? 

Jerk N Go Merrillville typically operates from 11 AM to 9 PM, but it’s recommended to check their website or call ahead for the most up-to-date hours, especially on holidays and special occasions.

Does Jerk N Go Merrillville offer takeout? 

Yes, Jerk N Go Merrillville offers takeout options, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite Jamaican dishes in the comfort of their own homes. The takeout service is efficient, ensuring that food remains fresh and flavorful.

Are there vegetarian options at Jerk N Go Merrillville? 

Yes, Jerk N Go Merrillville offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Dishes such as vegetable stew and vegan versions of traditional Jamaican sides are available, catering to those with dietary preferences.


If you’re looking for authentic Jamaican food, go no farther than Jerk N Go in Merrillville. An unforgettable dining experience awaits you at this restaurant, thanks to its flavorful dishes, generous portions, and warm ambiance. Every palate can be satisfied at Jerk N Go, whether it’s with jerk chicken, curry goat, or vegetarian options. The food’s general flavor and quality keep drawing in customers, even when service isn’t perfect. Jerk N Go Merrillville is the spot to go if you’re looking for good, laid-back Jamaican cuisine.