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Slots have been around since the end of the 19th century but have gained a new level of popularity since going online. New features and themes have been added to these games, although they still retain some of the original gameplay that’s made them so popular over a long period of time. What are some of the areas we can see in the latest releases that identify how they’re evolving?

New Themes 

The slot selection you can find in reputable online casinos is growing all the time. They source their games from top providers like Gamzix, Onlyplay, and Booming Games to get a varied collection. Each of these game developers tries to create the most attractive slots that will appeal to the largest number of players, meaning that there’s constant competition to think of fresh new themes they believe are going to catch the attention of many people.

That’s why we have so many amazing slots these days. This selection of the latest crypto casino slots gives us a look at the current market. With a site aimed at players looking to gamble with Bitcoin and other tokens, they cover a massive range of themes with the appropriate symbols and backgrounds. Fortune Gems 3 by TaDa Gaming is among the newer slots. It has an Asian temple setting with ruined temples and jewels, making for an eye-catching presentation style.

This isn’t the only theme that’s burst onto the slots scene in recent times. A quick look around any slots collection reveals games based on interesting concepts. Alien Fruits 2 by BGaming takes the popular fruit theme – which derives from the original mechanical slots that offer flavored gum as a prize – and adds an alien feel. With a deep space background, the reels are set inside a cute spacecraft that zooms into the free spins round when triggered.

Features That Add to the Gameplay

Looking back now, the original slots seem very basic due to the gameplay, solely consisting of trying to get a winning set of symbols on a single payline, with no bonus features possible. This is still the starting point for online slots but they’ve evolved to include various bonus games and features that make the gameplay more complex and intriguing.

The King of the God Zeus Lock 2 Spin by KA Gaming is a good example, featuring the Greek supreme God, as it introduces players to the Lock 2 Spin feature where Thunder Ball symbols lock onto the screen during a series of free spins. This kind of feature is now widely used as a way to vary the gameplay and offer the chance to get the slot’s biggest wins.

Samba Stars: Hold the Spin by Gamzix is based on a Brazilian carnival theme – as this is an event where Samba music and fabulous outfits rule – with a bonus game where paying symbols are locked in place during three spins. This is where any of the four jackpots can be won, with the main prize awarded when all 15 positions are filled with the bonus symbol.

Bonus Games to Win Progressive Jackpots

The last game we looked at is an example of how jackpots are now playing an increasingly large role in the online slots world. The first jackpots were introduced to land machines when electronic slots were created, in the 1960s and 1970s. For a long time, the jackpot mechanism was unchanged, with the top prize paid out when the right symbol or group of symbols randomly landed on the screen.

With the introduction of bonus games like the one revealed earlier in the Samba Stars slot, there’s now an extra layer of gameplay involved in claiming a jackpot. While the result is still random, this additional bonus game makes it feel like triggering a jackpot win is more of an achievement than in the past. 

Jackpot slots are now commonly seen in online casinos, with the majority of these sites having a filter that lets you see all of these games in one place. Dreamshock Jackpot X by Mascot sees the potential jackpot prize increased with each additional scatter symbol triggering the free spins round. During this bonus feature, the player accumulates multipliers until hopefully triggering one of the three jackpots.

The Possible Future Evolution

Taking into account the changes we’ve seen in this industry in recent years, it seems clear that it will carry on evolving in the near future. Those areas we’ve looked at should continue to be the focal point for many of the upcoming changes, as new themes and bonus rounds are introduced to make these slots more varied and entertaining. The visual aspect should carry on improving too, as more players opt to use cutting-edge devices like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to gamble online.

In addition, it seems likely that other changes will make use of new and emerging technology to keep these games growing and ensure they appeal to more players. Slots have come a long way since the first machine with spinning reels and prizes, so we can probably expect to see more changes to keep the industry moving in the right direction.