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The most classic outfits for women and girls, including party wear dresses, midi dresses, coordinated sets, and modern maxi dresses, have been our top sellers, and we have been launching them in various options. Redefine your closet with House of Sal’s most staple wear for women and be the fashion queen you always wanted to. With the finest fabrics and stitching, these designs and prints will elevate your fashion game to a sumptuous elegance. Shop from our online store to own these articles at the most affordable rates, making every event worthwhile. 

Embrace cohesive coord sets for women 

The infamous coord sets are synchronized ensembles that men and women have worn for decades in European countries, but with time, these have found a place in the ongoing trends. They are comfortable plus provide versatile styling with minimal effort. Catering to modern fashion, they’ve expanded their range of styles, fibers, and geometries. The dynamic combination presents a unified style for various situations, including holidays, breakfasts, and sophisticated parties. The refined and attractive cuts flatter all body types at the most affordable prices. Some of our most popular bargains include the Amber stitched coord set, Carla coord set, Lara linen coord set, and Lagos coord set. HOUSE OF SAL coord sets for ladies are fantastic go-to ensembles since we offer refined motifs without compromising on the comfort angle. 

Phenomenal party dresses for ladies 

House of Sal creates a unique range of fashionable party dresses that every girl’s wardrobe needs. The bizarre designs are appropriate for all formal occasions, bar gatherings, soirees, and even receptions. Our unobtrusive yet magnificent patterns and proportions embody timeless elegance and austerity. House of Sal offers elegantly designed Party wear dresses for women. These party-wear dresses are flexible, ageless, and embody femininity. 

You’ll have a wide range of choices, including stunning satin dresses, party-wear midi dresses, flirty floral-printed dresses, jungle-print dresses, whimsical short dresses, and backless dresses for women. These come in several warm hues that will complement your sober sunset parties. These couture gowns for women include rich embellishments and an innovative layout. Pair these dazzling pieces of clothing with lustrous jewelry, designer footwear, and subtle sling bags.  

The latest affair of maxi and midi dresses for women 

The House of Sal’s midi and Maxi dresses for women collection includes summer casuals and modern formals. Usually, maxi and midi dresses are easy-flowing ankle-length dresses that are the most comfortable in women’s clothing. They are relaxing, and the style and suiting characteristics are perfectly profile-pleasing. Our ultimate showstopper maxi and midis have been the long midi dresses, party wear midi dresses, Moonlight frock dresses, Printed dresses with cut-out detail, Lemon drop dresses, scarlet dresses,  and Olivia layered dresses. These quirky printed dresses offer a chic and ultra-stylish appearance. Confidence radiates from within and from the clothes you choose to wear, and our top glamorous plus cozy maxi and midi dresses for women will make you feel optimistic and cheerful.   


Our label aspires and calls out all the bold and beautiful women who are fashion enthusiasts. Our collection of stunning, comfy, and dynamic women’s maxi dresses, vibrant midi dresses, playful coord sets, and party dresses for girls ensures you always look the finest amongst the crowd. Follow House of Sal’s exquisite collection of clothes, and you can create an elegant and eclectic collection that reflects your particular style.