Does Subway Have Pizza?
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One may ask, “Does Subway have pizza?” while perusing the extensive menu of the worldwide sandwich chain Subway. If you’re looking for pizza at Subway, this article will show you whether they have any options besides their famous subs. We reveal the truth about Subway’s possible pizza options, which is great news for foodies and Subway fans.

Subway’s Pizza Options

Subway Personal Pizza Availability

Subway’s fresh salads, hearty submarine sandwiches and comforting soups are well-known. Does Subway still sell pizza in the year 2024? Many people are curious about this. Although not all Subway locations sell pizza, that’s correct. One of the standout items is the personal pizza, which is about 8 inches in diameter and costs $4 to $5. Pizza subs with a secret ingredient blend of pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and a variety of veggies are available for individuals who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Subway Pizza Sub Secret Menu

The pizza sub from Subway is a mysterious offering that is hidden away on the menu. Indulge in this mouthwatering sub by layering your preferred bread with tomato sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and a variety of fresh veggies. With a foot-long averaging $5.50, this item adds a budget-friendly twist to your typical Subway experience. While everything else stays the same, you can upgrade with extra meats like bacon or chicken for a little extra money.

Subway’s Pizza Offerings

What Kind of Pizza Does Subway Have?

Although not always available, personal pizzas are available at some Subway locations. These pizzas, which are approximately 8 inches in diameter, can be personalised in the same way as Subway’s subs. Prices range from $5.50 for a standard cheese pizza to $6.50 for a pepperoni or veggie pizza, with minor adjustments made for additional toppings.

How Are Subway Pizzas Crafted?

Pizza delivery from Subway is interesting because it’s both efficient and adaptable. The personal pizzas at Subway are prepared in advance, frozen and cooked in the oven for only 85 seconds. Without sacrificing the ability to customise your pizza with a variety of meats, cheeses, and veggies, this fast process guarantees a convenient and speedy meal.

Subway’s Pizza Journey

In 2006, Subway pizzas made their debut in a few U.S. markets. Keep in mind that these pizzas are still quite rare and can only be found in specific places. Just give your neighbourhood Subway a call or stop by to see if they have this option. Subway pizza is widely available in several states, including New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia.

A Culinary Experience

Considering how cheap they are, Subway’s personal pizzas seem like a good value, according to reviews posted online. A customer favourite, fresh toppings are a mainstay of Subway’s menu. A longer cooking time may, according to some, improve the flavour, but ultimately, it comes down to taste.

Nutritional Profile of Subway’s Pizza

Balancing Calories and Flavor

It is essential to think about the nutritional aspects of Subway’s pizza when analysing it. Personal pizzas from Subway are a denser calorie option than their subs, with 700 to 900 calories each. For people watching what they eat, this is a crucial consideration. But with personalisation options, you can strike a balance between unhealthy and delicious toppings. If you want to up the nutritional value without adding too many calories, try adding a variety of fresh vegetables.

Customizable Options for Health-Conscious Consumers

The pizzas offered by Subway are just as customisable as any other item on the menu. Pizza lovers who are watching their weight have a lot of options when it comes to toppings, including fresh vegetables, lean meats, and even less cheese if they want. Because of this adaptability, Subway’s pizza can accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions.

Subway’s Pizza Versus Regular Subs

Cost-Effectiveness and Flavor Diversity

The question of how Subway’s pizzas compare to their classic subs in terms of price and flavour comes up periodically. The individual pizzas are reasonably priced, coming in at about the same as a standard foot-long sub. For individuals looking for a change of pace from their regular sub routine, the pizzas provide a delightful flavour variation. It usually comes down to taste and a craving for variety when deciding between pizza and subs.

Satisfying Diverse Palate Preferences

Subway’s extensive pizza and sub menu is sure to satisfy any craving. Although subs are great for those who want a more traditional, adaptable sandwich, pizzas are a great alternative that many people love because of their warm cheese and familiar flavour profile.

Does Subway Offer Gluten-Free Pizza Options?

Addressing Dietary Restrictions

With people’s dietary restrictions changing all the time, it’s reasonable to wonder if Subway has any pizza options that are suitable for those who are gluten intolerant. At least in 2024, Subway will cater mostly to customers who are gluten-free by offering gluten-free bread at select locations and, of course, subs. While gluten-free pizza is an option, it’s not always available and mostly depends on the franchise.

Checking Local Franchise Menus for Gluten-Free Choices

To find out if gluten-free pizza options are available at your neighbourhood Subway, people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance should contact the franchise directly. By taking this preventative measure, Subway guarantees that all dietary restrictions can be satisfied with their varied menu options.

Innovations in Subway’s Pizza Offerings

Continual Menu Evolution

The ever-changing Subway menu is a reflection of the tastes and fads in American cuisine. Subway continues to innovate across the board, even in their pizza segment. They constantly test out new toppings and flavours to keep things interesting.

Future Prospects

Possible future expansion of Subway’s pizza selection is worth considering. A wider variety of flavours, specialty pizzas influenced by cuisines around the world, and even limited-time offerings could be part of this expansion. These innovations would strengthen Subway’s dedication to offering a variety of high-quality fast food options while also improving the customer experience.

Subway’s Impact on the Fast-Food Pizza Market

A Unique Niche in Fast-Food Dining

Subway’s expansion into pizza shows how they can stay true to their fast-food roots while exploring new markets. By merging the best of both worlds—traditional sandwich shops and pizza joints—Subway occupies a special niche in the fast food market.

Competing with Established Pizza Chains

Despite Subway’s lack of pizza fame, the company’s entry into the pizza market has created an intriguing dynamic with more established pizza chains. Customers searching for fast, individualised pizza experiences will find Subway’s emphasis on personal pizzas and customisable options to be a welcome change from the usual pizza fare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Subway pizzas available at all locations?

Not all Subway outlets offer pizzas. It’s best to check with your local franchise for availability.

How much does a Subway personal pizza cost?

The price ranges from $4 to $5, subject to location and additional toppings.

What are the pizza topping options at Subway?

You can choose from a variety of fresh vegetables, meats, and cheeses to customize your pizza.

Can I get a vegetarian pizza at Subway?

Yes, Subway offers a veggie pizza option.

What is the nutritional information for Subway’s pizza?

Subway’s pizzas are approximately 700-900 calories, with specific nutritional details available upon request at each location.


Even though they’re mostly known for their subs, Subway has dabbled in pizza, albeit in a limited way. A filling and inexpensive dinner is available with their personal pizzas, which come with cheese, pepperoni, or vegetarian toppings. Even though it’s not available everywhere, Subway’s alternative pizza sub is a great example of their innovative spirit. Whether you’re craving a fast pizza or a sub made to order, Subway’s constant innovation guarantees that you’ll never get bored.