complete guide to THCA flowers
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It seems like every day there is a new hemp product and slowly but surely, these products gain traction. The demand skyrockets. Same is the case with THCA flowers. THCA is a novel cannabinoid that is slowly gaining the limelight. And you got to thank its versatility and wellness benefits for it. But what exactly are THCA flowers? Are they different from regular cannabis flowers? Let’s find out all the answers.

Understanding THCA

First, let us get the basics out of the way first. Before understanding more about these kicker flowers, we need to know what THCA is. THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant and among other primary cannabinoids, THCA is a dominant cannabinoid. This forms when the hemp plant begins to mature. The THCA then converts to THC under certain conditions, which we will be discussing later.


You can refer to THCA as the precursor to THC. The conversion happens using a process that you might have heard about a lot. Decarboxylation. Let’s put it donw in simple words for you. It’s the process that happens when the hemp plant is exposed to heat and oxygen. As the plant matures and interacts with the atmosphere, the THCA inside breaks down into THC. Note that during this period, THC formed by natural decarboxylation is quite low and therefore requires the user to apply heat when smoking or vaping, which converts the complete THCA to THC.

How is THCA different from THC?

The main difference between these cannabinoids is their euphoric properties. THCA, in its inherent state, does not cause a high, but THC does. This is the main difference you need to be concerned about. Effects wise, THCA offers a more mellow feeling when consumed, while THC has that iconic cannabis kick when consumed.

Converting THCA to THC

If you are feeling a bit adventurous and want to try out the euphoric side of things, there are plenty of ways you can quickly convert THCA flowers into potent, dank bombs.

Direct heat

The easiest option to convert THCA to THC is by applying direct heat. Simply pack your THCA flowers in a joint or blunt and burn them. Once the flowers burn, the THCA in the flowers rapidly converts to THC to offer a kicker high. You can also consider vaping the THCA flowers to ensure you get the full euphoric effects along with the wellness benefits.

Store at room temperature

Another great option is to store your THCA flowers at room temperature. A well lit room should be a great option for this. Plus, with ample access to sunlight, the THCA slowly begins to convert into THC. But, the process can take a long time and not all THCA will be converted to THC like this.

How to get the best THCA flowers?

If you are planning to get your dose of THCA, consider these tips to have the very best experience.

Find the right strains

Just like regular cannabis flowers, THCA flowers also come with different strain options. From feisty indicas to lavish hybrids, THCA flowers come in an overwhelming number of options. Begin by finding the right strain. For new users, we suggest starting with mild potency strains like Banana Kush, Purple Urkle, and more. These strains are known for their amazing flavor profiles, which are sure to be quite relishing.

Check lab tests

Make sure that you are always buying lab tested THCA flowers. This will ensure that you are always getting the very best products available. These lab tests are important as they give accurate dosage and purity information about the product. Whenever buying THCA flowers, ensure that they come with their lab tested certificate of analysis.

Check potency

If you are in for a certain dose of THCA, make sure to check the label for potency. This will give you the full information on the cannabinoids present along with THCA. Also, the percentage of THCA is mentioned on the pack as well. So, choose products according to your dosage requirements. Strain with less than 20 percent THCA are considered medium potency strains and you can find options as low as 13 percent. If you are hunting for super potent ones, THCA flowers also have you covered with certain strains crossing even the 30 percent mark. So, make sure to check the potency of a strain before buying.

How to consume THCA flowers?

Depending on your euphoric appetite, there are plenty of ways to consume THCA flowers and this is where its versatility shines. Here are your top ways to consume THCA flowers.


If you are looking to skip on the high of THCA flowers, consider consuming them raw. You can do this by sprinkling some crushed flowers on your favorite foods or drinks.


There are plenty of euphoric options for consuming THCA flowers. From smoking these in a joint to vaping them, the world is your playground when it comes to consuming THCA flowers for a euphoric experience.

Are these legal?

If you are in the US and wondering if these products are legal, here is a great news. The Farm Bill legalizes all hemp products with less than 0.3 percent delta 9 at the federal level. Therefore, getting THCA flowers from the top brands is completely legal. But it is important to note that state regulations might vary in some cases, so make sure to check local regulations before buying THCA flowers.

THCA flowers have been a massive shift in momentum for the hemp industry. Thanks to its versatile nature, more user groups are attracted to it. Offering the option to choose your high can be a massive boon for some users. Plus, the wellness benefits are all tucked in. This makes THCA flowers highly sought after. So, what are you waiting for? Order your dank THCA buds today and experience the very best of hemp wellness.