can you freeze papa murphys pizza
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In the bustling world of culinary delights, a pizza stands as a universal symbol of joy and togetherness. Among the numerous pizza options, Papa Murphy’s stands out with its unique take-and-bake approach. Now here’s a hot question: Could Papa Murphy’s pizza be frozen? This query might pop up in your mind when you’re faced with the delightful dilemma of having an extra pizza on hand. This article delves into this topic, not just answering the question can you freeze papa Murphy’s pizza but also providing a comprehensive guide on how to preserve the goodness of Papa Murphy’s pizza in your freezer.

Understanding the Freezing Process

Before jumping into the specifics of freezing a Papa Murphy’s pizza, it’s essential to understand the basic principles of freezing food. Freezing, according to food researchers, is a dependable way of preserving food because it stops the spread of bacteria and other microbes that cause deterioration. It’s the reason why the freezer is a sanctuary for many food items. So, the short answer is, indeed, you are able to freeze a Papa Murphy’s pizza. But there’s more to it.

How to Freeze Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Preparation is Key

The first step in preserving your Papa Murphy’s pizza in the freezer is proper preparation. Ensure your pizza is uncooked and in its original packaging. If you’ve already unwrapped it, don’t fret. You can still preserve its freshness with a few simple steps.

Wrapping and Packaging

Wrapping the pizza in wrapping paper or aluminum foil, making sure it’s well covered. This step is crucial to prevent freezer burn and preserve the flavors. Once wrapped, place the pizza back in its original box or a freezer-safe bag. This double layer of protection is a game-changer in maintaining quality.

For How Much Time Can You Keep a Papa Murphy’s Pizza Freezed?

Now that you’ve successfully wrapped and stored your pizza, you might wonder: How long can it stay in this frosty haven? Generally, a Papa Murphy’s pizza can be frozen for up to two months. Keep in mind that the clock begins to run the day you freeze it, not the day you buy it.

Freezing Instructions for Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Best Practices for Optimal Results

  • Always freeze the pizza before the ‘Use By’ date.
  • Do not freeze a pizza that has been sitting out at room temperature for a lengthy amount of time.
  • Label the pizza with the freezing date for easy tracking.

Storing Papa Murphy’s Pizza in the Freezer

  • Choose a flat surface in your freezer to prevent the toppings from shifting.
  • Stacking heavy stuff on top of the pizza box is not recommended.

Does Freezing Affect the Quality of Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

Freezing does slightly alter the texture and taste of food, but when done correctly, these changes are minimal. With Papa Murphy’s pizzas, the difference is often negligible, especially if you follow the aforementioned freezing and thawing instructions.

Defrosting and Cooking Your Frozen Papa Murphy’s Pizza

The Thawing Game

When you’re ready to enjoy your pizza, proper defrosting is essential. Remove the frozen pizza from the freezer and place it in the freezer to defrost overnight. Defrosting at room temperature should be avoided since it might result in inconsistent cooking and bacterial development.

The Baking Adventure

Bake the pizza in accordance with the directions supplied by Papa Murphy’s once it has thawed. The baking time might slightly increase compared to a fresh pizza, so keep an eye on it.

Reheating Tips for Frozen Papa Murphy’s Pizza

If you’re dealing with leftover pizza slices that were previously baked, the reheating process is straightforward. Heat the oven to 375°F and arrange the thin slices on a baking pan. Heat for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly.

Maximizing the Freshness: Detailed Insights

When it comes to freezing Papa Murphy’s pizza, ensuring maximum freshness upon thawing and baking is paramount. Here’s how you can achieve that:

Use of Freezer-Safe Materials

Invest in high-quality freezer wrap or heavy-duty aluminum foil. These ingredients provide superior resistance to freezer burn, which can have a considerable influence on the texture and flavor of the pizza.

Air-Tight Sealing

Ensure that when you wrap your pizza, there are no air pockets left. Air in the packaging can lead to oxidation and freezer burn, which not only affects the taste but also the visual appeal of the pizza.

The Science Behind Freezing Pizza

Understanding the science of freezing can further reassure you about the process. When you freeze a Papa Murphy’s pizza, the moisture inside the dough and toppings forms ice crystals. These ice crystals are largely responsible for the changes in texture you might notice after thawing and cooking. However, rapid freezing and proper storage minimize these changes, preserving the quality of your pizza.

The Role of Ingredients in Freezing

Different ingredients react differently to freezing. The cheeses and preserved meats, for example, often freeze well, although vegetables with an elevated water content may become somewhat limp. Knowing this can help you set realistic expectations about the final product after freezing and cooking.

Freezing Pre-Baked vs. Unbaked Papa Murphy’s Pizzas

While the focus has been on freezing unbaked pizzas, it’s worth noting that you can also freeze pre-baked Papa Murphy’s pizzas. The process is similar, but the final result might differ slightly. Pre-baked pizzas may lose some of their initial crispiness, but they still offer a convenient and tasty meal option.

Reviving the Frozen Pizza: Tips for the Perfect Bake

After freezing and thawing your pizza, you might want to ensure it tastes as good as it did fresh. Here are some tips:

  • Preheat your oven for at least 10-15 minutes before baking the pizza.
  • Think about using a pizza stone or cooking the pizza directly on the oven pan if you like a crisper crust.
  • Bake the pizza on a sheet of baking parchment for a softer crust.
  • Because oven temperatures might fluctuate, keep a watchful eye on the pizza when it bakes.

Customizing Your Frozen Pizza Experience

One of the joys of a Papa Murphy’s pizza is the ability to customize it to your liking. This has nothing to alter just because it’s a frozen pizza. Feel free to add additional toppings before baking, or experiment with different herbs and spices to give your pizza a personal touch.

Addressing Health and Safety Concerns

It’s important to address any health and safety concerns when freezing and reheating food. Verify that your pizza hasn’t been sitting out at room temperature for a prolonged period before freezing it. Additionally, proper thawing in the refrigerator, as opposed to room temperature, is crucial in preventing bacterial growth.

Embracing the Convenience of Freezing

Freezing a Papa Murphy’s pizza offers unparalleled convenience. Whether you’re planning meals ahead, saving leftovers, or simply ensuring you have a quick meal option available, freezing provides a solution. This convenience doesn’t come at the cost of taste or quality, making it an excellent choice for busy individuals and families.

Creating Moments with Frozen Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Finally, it’s important to remember that food is more than just sustenance; it’s about creating moments and memories. A frozen Papa Murphy’s pizza, when thawed and baked, still carries the essence of those moments. Whether it’s a family movie night, a quick dinner after a long day, or a gathering with friends, your frozen pizza is there to add warmth and flavor to your occasions.

In essence, freezing a Papa Murphy’s pizza is a simple, practical solution for preserving its deliciousness. By understanding the process, best practices, and the science behind freezing, you can enjoy your favorite pizza anytime, with minimal compromise on taste and quality. It’s about embracing convenience without sacrificing the joy of a freshly baked pizza experience.

FAQs About Freezing Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Can You Freeze a Half-Baked Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

Yes, you can freeze a half-baked pizza. Just ensure it’s completely cool before wrapping and freezing.

Are There Special Tips for Reheating Frozen Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

For optimal results, reheat in the oven. Microwaving can make the crust soggy.

How Does Freezing Affect the Toppings?

Most toppings freeze well. However, certain fresh ingredients like lettuce or tomato might change texture.

Does Freezing Impact the Taste of Papa Murphy’s Pizza Toppings?

Freezing can slightly alter the taste of some toppings, but the change is often subtle.

What is the best way to store frozen Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

For best quality, consume the pizza within two months of freezing.


In conclusion, freezing a Papa Murphy’s pizza is not only possible but also a fantastic way to ensure you always have a delicious meal ready to go. By following the guidelines provided, you can enjoy the savory delight of Papa Murphy’s pizza, preserved perfectly in your freezer, ready to tantalize your taste buds whenever the craving strikes. Remember, with proper preparation and care, your frozen pizza can be just as scrumptious as the day you bought it!