Aunt polly's Pizza Ribs & Chicken Delivery Menu
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Aunt Polly’s Pizza Ribs & Chicken is an Indianapolis culinary haven that serves a wide variety of cuisines. Aunt Polly’s is well-known for its extensive delivery services, which include non-contact options. The restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes that appeal to many different demographics, including families, college students, and those who love late-night snacks. Aunt polly’s Pizza Ribs & Chicken Delivery Menu is a result of the restaurant’s skill in fusing American and North American cuisines.

Salads and Sandwiches

The varied and tasty salads offered by Aunt Polly are the menu’s beating heart. Indulge in one of our original Taco or Grilled Chicken salads, or pick from our rich and hearty Chef Salad or the traditional Tossed Salad. Every salad is meticulously crafted to satisfy any palate with its ideal combination of crispness and flavour.

However, the culinary adventure is far from over. The variety and dedication to flavour in Aunt polly’s Pizza Ribs & Chicken Delivery Menu. Indulge in some tantalising foods like burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and subs like Italian, ham and cheese, pizza, meatball, stromboli and Philly cheese steak. More than just nourishment, it’s an olfactory adventure.

Breads, Bites, and Beyond

Carbohydrate enthusiasts will be ecstatic when they visit Aunt Polly’s bread section. Whether you’re looking for a traditional breadstick, some fragrant garlic bread, or some irresistibly cheesy cheese bread, these options are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Anyone looking for something out of the ordinary will find it at Aunt Polly’s. Indulge in the mouth-watering crunch of Wings and Fries, the luscious mozzarella sticks, or the fiery jalapeo peppers. If you’re in the mood for something fast and filling, you have to try the Deviled Eggs and Nachos.

Pizza Perfection and Decadent Desserts

Perfect pizza is an art form at Aunt Polly’s. From classics like The Works and The Mess to more creative options like Chicken Bacon Ranch, Buffalo Chicken, and Hawaiian, our hand-tossed pizzas come with an assortment of toppings to suit any taste. With an ideal ratio of crust to sauce to cheese to toppings, every pizza is a work of art.

A delightful escape awaits you at Aunt Polly’s dessert table. Indulge in the weekly special Pie, savor the classic Cheesecake, or enjoy the simple pleasure of Cookies. Desserts like Aunt Polly’s Fried Biscuits with Apple Butter demonstrate how much she loves making homemade, cosy treats.

The Stars of the Show

The Ribs & Chicken section is where Aunt Polly’s really comes into its own. Notable dishes include the Rib Dinner and Chicken Tenders and Fries, which are bursting with flavour and have juicy, tender meat. Stromboli, Philly Steak & Cheese, Meatball and Ham & Cheese Sub Sandwiches are just a few of the sandwich options available.

To make every dish unique, choose from the A La Carte options like Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, Steak Fries, and Breadsticks with Nacho Cheese. No matter what your craving is or what kind of food you prefer, Aunt Polly’s has you covered.

Beverage Bliss

At Aunt Polly’s, you can’t have dinner without the ideal drink. Accompany your meal with your choice of Pepsi, Coke, bottled water, or energy drinks. The drinks are selected with the intention of complementing the flavours of the food and offering a light way to end the meal.

Catering and Convenient Services

When you host an event or gathering, Aunt Polly’s Pizza Ribs & Chicken will bring their culinary excellence in addition to their delicious in-house and takeaway options. Whether it’s a business event, a social gathering, or a family reunion, their catering services are sure to impress with their extensive menu options. When it comes to catering, the crew at Aunt Polly’s is unmatched in their dedication to flavour, quality, and detail.

Aunt Polly’s is proud of their customer-focused delivery options and their excellent catering services. Their dedication to customer safety and convenience is reflected in their non-contact delivery service, which is a testament to their adaptability in the current times. Your favourite meals are always within reach with their reliable and secure delivery service, whether you’re in the mood for a midnight snack or a home-cooked dinner for the whole family.

Late-Night Cravings Sorted

Aunt Polly’s Pizza Ribs & Chicken is a lifesaver for students who stay up late to study. If you’re ever hungry at midnight, their late-night delivery service has a varied and filling menu to satisfy your cravings. No late-night hunger goes unfulfilled at Aunt Polly’s, thanks to their classic hand-tossed pizzas, flavorful ribs, and indulgent desserts.

Haven for College Students

College students frequent Aunt Polly’s in Indianapolis, a city that is always bustling with activity. Students searching for a light snack in between courses or a hearty lunch to sustain them through the day will find what they’re looking for on their menu. Students in Indianapolis frequent Aunt Polly’s because of the restaurant’s affordable prices, varied menu, and special deals.

Curbside Pickup

Aunt Polly’s offers curbside pickup because she knows how important it is to have easy access to nutritious meals. Those who are always on the move or who are seeking a contactless substitute for conventional eating will find this service to be ideal. You can get your freshly made meal delivered right to your car after placing your order online or by phone.

A World of Flavors

Every dish on Aunt Polly’s menu is a masterful medley of flavours, created with love and attention to detail. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, with its savoury blend of smokiness and ranch dressing, is sure to be a hit with any pizza lover. Sublime meat and cheese encased in warm, freshly made bread—that is the Stromboli and Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches. If you’re looking for something lighter, try one of Aunt Polly’s salads, like the revitalising Italian Salad.

Treating Your Sweet Tooth to Aunt Polly’s Dessert is an adventure in and of itself. From classic Cookies to creative Pie of the Week, their dessert selection is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Creamy cheesecake and warm, homemade fried biscuits with apple butter make for a delightful dessert.

Variety of Beverages

The drinks offered by Aunt Polly are just as varied as the dishes. Choose from classics like Coke and Pepsi or opt for unique options like bottled water and energy drinks. The drinks are hand-picked to harmonise with the flavours of the food, elevating the dining experience as a whole.


Indulge in a variety of mouth-watering dishes at Aunt Polly’s Pizza Ribs & Chicken, an Indianapolis institution that goes beyond being a mere restaurant. Quality, variety, and customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of Aunt polly’s Pizza Ribs & Chicken Delivery Menu. Their safe and easy delivery options are just the beginning. Aunt Polly’s is prepared to give you the service you deserve and the food you won’t soon forget, whether you’re in the mood for a hearty dinner, a midnight snack, or event catering.